Girls will always have this image in their head that they will never be good enough. They will go above and beyond to fit in with societies expectations of what the “perfect” female looks like. Curvy, skinny and thick? However that works. I don’t even understand how a girl could be skinny and thick. We want long shiny hair, a face with no blemishes, and a skinny cute nose as weird as that sounds. And god forbid we don’t have thousands of dollars worth of make up from Sephora. All for what? To meet societies expectations of what a female should look like. But it makes zero sense, because the guys will say girls are ugly without make up, but procede to say we wear too much! None of it makes sense, and we’re just bending over backwards trying to be what they want us to be. If we could just all come together and stop making other women feel bad about who we are. If we could just stop looking at famous people’s bodies and faces like Kylie Jenner who gives us these mental images of what we think “perfect” is but it’s not. It’s unobtainable, and it’s unnatural. Natural is beautiful, and natural is real. It’s not plastic, and it’s who we are. We weren’t made to look like a Barbie doll. We were made to look like us. Whatever body shape we were given we will always try to distort it to get that perfect unobtainable hourglass figure. Perfect isn’t real. Life is real, and life will continue to move on. We will never be able to achieve that perfect figure because everyone’s body is different and unique. We weren’t made to look like barbies or we’d all be the same. Perfect doesn’t exist. Life is happening, so spend your time loving yourself, your body, and your mind. Because if you can achieve that, then that’s perfect. 

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