My Outfit Is Not My Consent 

I am human. I have legs, arms, a stomach, breasts, and butt just like every other human out there. I have skin, and you know what else? I have feelings. Every woman has these! Every man has these! Because we are showing a little bit of skin and you think “we look good” DOES NOT and will never give you the okay to grope us, touch us, or say smart remarks to us. It’s disrespectful, inappropriate, and shows what kind of man, or shall I say boy you are. My outfit is not my consent. Because I am showing a little bit of my legs does not mean that you can do what you want to me, it does not give you the permission. I feel violated, as does every other female. Haven’t you seen legs before? I’m pretty sure you have a pair of your own right?  It’s disgusting that girls have to worry when they’re out with their friends because men are pigs and have no self control! Grow up, and learn some respect please. 

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