For People Who Are a Fan of Showering at Night


  1. It makes your hair dry, have way less volume, and break really easily
  2. Damp areas are perfect homes for bacteria so a wet pillow means hello acne
  3. It can lead to infections/illness
  4. If you find that you commonly wake up with migraines or headaches sleeping with your hair wet could be the cause

Always Find the Time to Dry Your Hair, its more important than you think!

Twenty One things I wish I knew before I turned 21


1) Love and care for yourself, your body, and your mind more than anything. – Truly one of the most important things. 

2) Find what your passion is, what you love to do, and go find out what makes you feel good about yourself. – Go explore it, and if it makes you happy, who cares what anyone has to say about it?

3) Eat Healthy – your body will love you for it. 

4) Don’t stress about the stuff that doesn’t matter. (Pretty much everything you are stressing about right now.. boys) 

5) Don’t worry about the boy who isn’t texting you back.. He probably sucks. 

6) Respect Yourself – yes have your feminist attitude because us girls have the same rights as guys, but that doesn’t mean we have to stoop to as low as a guys level. We’re better than that ladies! A man isn’t going to want to take us out on a date if he realizes all he has to do is get us drunk. 

7) Don’t let people take advantage of you. – You will bend over backwards for someone who looks at you like you’re just a doormat that they can walk all over. You are a human, stick up for yourself!

8) You are a beautiful person, and should be proud of yourself always. 

9) You are capable of doing anything you want to do.

10) STUDY– I promise you it will pay off in the end when you accomplish everything you wanted.. I honestly can’t even emphasize this one enough.

11) No dreams are too big!

12) Drink lots of water – your perfect skin will show for it! 

13) Never let a boy be mean to you – you deserve better. 

14) You will experience heartbreak, and it will hurt you worse than anything has ever hurt you before. – you’ll probably feel like your whole world is ending, BUT it’s not, and you WILL LIVE!

15) Fall in love– with people, with things, with the universe. Fall in love with an eye color, a scent, a taste, or a hobby, game. IDC anything, just fall in love. 

16) Save Your Money– when your savings account is so large you can buy your first house in cash, I promise you won’t regret not splurging on those clothes you wanted that got tossed to the trash. 

17) Life goes by too fast to spend your time sad! 

18) Get out of that relationship if you aren’t happy. 

19) Cherish every good moment!

20) Don’t eat fast food– it’s actually disgusting. 

21) Wake up early, and have productive worth while days.

The Future Is NOW

We’re about half way into summer, so you know what that means for us fashionistas? FALL FASHION. 

So this 2017 fall fashion colors include…


Burnt Orange

Mustard Yellow (my personal fav😍) 


Kale Green (another one of my favs) 

There you have it guys! The trend colors of Fall 2017! 

I hope you guys are excited as I am to work on my new fall wardrobe!

Imagine Your Dream Create Your Happiness & Live Your Life

Believe in yourself and you will succeed. You wanna do something? You go after it full throttle and get it done. Love what you do, be happy with what you do, and accomplish your dreams. If you want to be a writer, doctor, fashion designer, or an architect then take the steps you need to take to do it, and never give up.  Do what makes you happy, only you can stop yourself. 

U Glow Girl💫

I blogged earlier about my new highlighter I bought at walmart, and I just wanted to show everyone how good it actually is! It’s from hard candy, and I’m not quite sure what the name of it is, but it’s literally one of the best highlighters I have ever used. Just goes to show that you don’t have to spend 40+ dollars on a good make up. Just try new things at Walmart. Sure I’ve bought some things from drug store make up and it sucked, but they have some really good stuff as well. You win some and you lose some.
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OMG so I have the Anastasia Beverly Hills Ultimate Glow Kit, and some urban decay highlighters and THIS little thing from Walmart has been my BEST yet! It works so good and it’s cheap! You have to try 😊😊 

#Makeup #Beauty #Fashion #Beautyblogger 

Girls will always have this image in their head that they will never be good enough. They will go above and beyond to fit in with societies expectations of what the “perfect” female looks like. Curvy, skinny and thick? However that works. I don’t even understand how a girl could be skinny and thick. We want long shiny hair, a face with no blemishes, and a skinny cute nose as weird as that sounds. And god forbid we don’t have thousands of dollars worth of make up from Sephora. All for what? To meet societies expectations of what a female should look like. But it makes zero sense, because the guys will say girls are ugly without make up, but procede to say we wear too much! None of it makes sense, and we’re just bending over backwards trying to be what they want us to be. If we could just all come together and stop making other women feel bad about who we are. If we could just stop looking at famous people’s bodies and faces like Kylie Jenner who gives us these mental images of what we think “perfect” is but it’s not. It’s unobtainable, and it’s unnatural. Natural is beautiful, and natural is real. It’s not plastic, and it’s who we are. We weren’t made to look like a Barbie doll. We were made to look like us. Whatever body shape we were given we will always try to distort it to get that perfect unobtainable hourglass figure. Perfect isn’t real. Life is real, and life will continue to move on. We will never be able to achieve that perfect figure because everyone’s body is different and unique. We weren’t made to look like barbies or we’d all be the same. Perfect doesn’t exist. Life is happening, so spend your time loving yourself, your body, and your mind. Because if you can achieve that, then that’s perfect.